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Career as Lawyer

Career as Lawyer

Skills Required

  • Intellect
  • Distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant, screen evidence, and apply the law
  • Ability to persuade, convince, argue
  • Integrity, character
  • Interest in detail
  • Ability to assimilate and analyse facts
  • Fluency, clear speech and excellent presentation skills
  • Self-confident and unbiased approach
  • Mental and physical stamina
  • Interest in Research

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Lawyers are authorised by the state to advise and defend clients in legal matters before the court. Law establishes the rules that define a person’s rights and obligations and defines their enforcement.


The people handling legal issues are:


  • Judges ensure that justice is administered to safeguard the legal rights of all parties involved.
  • Judges preside over trials or hearings and listen as lawyers representing the parties present and argue their cases pertaining to virtually every aspect of society


  • Solicitors give legal advice and represent clients in legal matters.
  • Solicitor’s firms undertake cases related to their area of work.


Lawyers act as advocates and advisors

  • As advocates, they represent one of the opposing parties in criminal and civil trials in court, cross examine witnesses and finally sum up the reasons why the court should decide in their clients’ favour.
  • As advisors they counsel their clients about legal rights and obligations
  • They research laws applicable to the case at hand and previous judgements under circumstances similar to those currently faced by the client

Lawyers specialise in:

  • Criminal law Criminal lawyers specialize in matters having legal implications such as theft, murder and arson which are considered offences against society or State.
  • Real estate Real estate lawyers deal with cases involving property.
  • Civil law – Civil Law operates in matters of property, contract and commercial issues, inheritance, family and even corporations.
  • Tax law Tax lawyers handle cases concerning income-tax, wealth tax, gift tax, estate duty, etc.
  • International law A set of international legal rules are observed by all the nations in relation to one another.
  • Labour law – Labour lawyers specialize in solving the problems arising between the management and the labour force in any organisation
  • Others Other branches include family law, constitutional law, corporate law, excise law, customs and transportation. Globalisation of businesses has created a need for legal compliance which has created a special niche for legal eagles dealing in all matters concerning business

 Legal executives

  • Advise their employers on legal matters.
  • Work on cases of litigation for the firm.
  • Represent their firm in the court of law in all legal matters
  • Perform administrative functions and handle in-house legal problems e.g check deeds, issue writs, collect information for affidavits and draft legal documents
  • Represent the business house while discussing legal issues with other firms

Lawyers in Defence services

  • Deal with legal matters concerning the state and conduct courts of enquiry and court martial’s of offending service personnel.

Political advisors

  • Advise on legal issues concerning various political matters.

Lawyers with the government

  • Indian Legal Service posts are that of the Magistrate, District and Sessions judge, Munsifs (sub-magistrate), Public prosecutor, solicitors, Attorney general, Advocate General, Notary and Oath Commissioner. There are also legal secretaries appointed in assemblies, law inspectors, legal officers in banks, judicial members of income tax, sales tax and excise departments, government advocates and staff in Registrar of Companies office.

Lawyers in information

  • Lawyers report on topical issues or on matters of general interest to newspapers, trade journals, television and radio programs etc.
  • Law publishing involves journals, magazines and legal books

Jobs associated with law

  • The role of a company secretary is one recognized in legislation.
  • Notaries are public officers appointed to draw up, authenticate and certify deeds and documents



₹ 11.17 Lakhs to₹  14.29 Lakhs per annum
(Salary data sourced from 

Earnings Details

Legal executives earnings vary with the size of the firms. Large legal firms pay an average salary of Rs 6 lakhs per annum. Lawyers in consultancies earn even more.


PATH 1 :

Std XII Graduation Goal
Stream: Any BA LLB 5 year Integrated Lawyer

PATH 2 :  

Std XII Graduation Professional Course Goal
Stream: Any Any LLB 3 Years and/or LLM Lawyer
  • For BA LL.B a 5 year course in Law Selection to the best institutes is through a rigorous selection process.
  • LL.B (3 year)course is conducted by most universities and their affiliated colleges in India. The degree entitles the graduates to practice law.
  • After LLB- full time post graduation (LLM) of 2 years duration or diploma courses of 1 year duration can be pursued. There are several branches of specialization to choose from.

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