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Career as City and Town Planner

Career as City and Town Planner

Skills Required

  • Ability to work in a team
  • Managerial skill
  • Good communication and presentation skill
  • Good legal acumen
  • Collaborative aptitude
  • Creative and aesthetic
  • Good social values

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City and town planners also known as urban & regional planners take responsibility for planning and redevelopment of urban areas. Communities require enhancement and protection of urban land, environmental safety and an equitable distribution of economic opportunity.


  • Study the developmental needs of communities in a city, town or region.
  • Confer with community representatives, public officials, developers to plan for development.
  • Survey the site to be developed through onsite visits, maps etc.
  • Study the environmental conditions, economic resources, census data, and market research reports.
  • Study plans prepared by civil engineering departments and developers.
  • Order feasibility reports for the proposed changes and make suggestions for implementation.
  • Present the final plan to the planning committee.
  • Keep updates on zoning, building and environmental regulations, legislations and legalities for compliance.
  • Ensure well  maintained, attractive, planned and integrated growth of the urban area
  • Plan coordinated development of public facilities, roads, transport, schools, water, sewage, transportation and safety.
  • Pay special attention to the protection of sensitive ecological regions.
  • May specialize in transportation planning, housing, environment, urban design, Historic site preservation and development


  • Architecture firms
  • Engineering firm
  • Construction firms
  • Landscape architects firms
  • Land developers
  • Legal firms
  • Environment groups or NGOs
  • Schools of Planning

Recruiting Companies

  • Intercontinental Consultants Technocrats
  • Municipal Corporations
  • City Development Authorities
  • State Town Planning Organisations
  • State Transport Corporations
  • Tata Energy Research Institute
  • Engineers India Ltd.
  • Ernst & Young


PATH 1 :  

Std XII Graduation Post-Graduation Goal
Stream: Maths B.Tech Arch/ B. Tech Planning/ B.Tech Civil M. tech Planning City & Town Planner

PATH 2 :  

Std XII Graduation Postgraduation Goal
Stream: Humanities BA Geog/ Eco/ Sociology MA Geog/Eco/Sociology/
M.Tech Planning
City & Town Planner

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