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Career as Pilot

Career as Pilot

Skills Required

  • Extraordinary grit, presence of mind, courage, determination
  • Reliable, calm & level-headed personality
  • Ability to keep clear communication both with the team on board and with air traffic control
  • Good practical & co-ordination skills
  • Good written English for report writing
  • Good health & physical fitness is vital
  • Ability to take charge in an emergency
  • Ability to inspire confidence
  • Technical skills & understanding

The pilot is a key person in airline operations concerned mainly with flying of the aircraft’s on scheduled routes. The Captain or Chief Pilot is in command of a flight, assisted by a co-pilot. Licence for flying is essential to become a commercial pilot.



  • Fly aircrafts on long and short flights
  • Before take-off check pre-flight plans(route and technical details)
  • Attend meteorological briefing
  • Make calculations for take-off and landing
  • Calculate fuel requirements and ensure refueling is done as per requirements
  • Check equipments and instruments
  • Brief the crew
  • Supervise loading conforming to regulations
  • Establish contact with air traffic control for take-off

During flight

  • Interpret the data presented to them on instruments and controls
  • Use their expertise and experience for take off and landing
  • When aircraft is on automatic controls they keep a check on instruments to ensure smooth functioning
  • Maintain contact with air traffic controls and cabin crew throughout the flight
  • Speak to passengers, over the public address system on speed and height, details of ground areas they are flying over, warnings of turbulence and difficult weather conditions
  • Duties are shared usually with one or two co-pilots
  • Ensure safety of the aircraft and passengers and crew on board

After landing

  • Writes a flight report, and details problems or instrument difficulties


  • Indian Airlines
  • Jet airways
  • Indigo
  • Indian Air Force
  • Indian Navy
  • HAL
  • NAL
  • BSF
  • Coast Guard



₹ 1.12 Lakhs to ₹ 36.85 Lakhs per annum
(Salary data sourced from 

  • National and International carriers
  • Businesses and corporations
  • Flying clubs as instructors
  • Security services
  • Flying academies
  • Military and paramilitary services
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
  • National Aeronautics Limited


PATH 1 :  

Std XII Pilots License and Training Goal
Stream: Science PCM SPL>PPL > CPL Pilot

Training in commercial flying can be taken with Flying clubs, the  Rashtriya Udan Academy, Private Flying academies or with Flying schools abroad.

 The training goes through 3 stages of license. While they give training, placement is not their responsibility.

The licenses have to be procured in the following order :

  • Student Pilot License (SPL)
  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

After Class XI/XII (with PCM) students can apply for the SPL

On passing Class XII (PCM) they may enroll for the next license -PPL

On getting the PPL training begins for CPL

Details of the  Licenses

Student pilot license can be taken at  flying clubs in every State. It is a theory exam.

Eligibility – Age of 16 years minimum and pass in Class X. A medical certificate of fitness, security clearance and a bank guarantee is required.

Selection – Candidates taking the SPL test have to appear in an oral examination on a fixed day every month. Candidates have to enroll a month before the examination. Selected candidates go through a medical test and the Pilot Aptitude Test.

Private pilot license is a practical training. A total of 60 hours of flying is needed of which 20 hours minimum should be solo and 5 hours cross country.

There is a theory examination also

Commercial pilot license requires flying training for 190 hours to complete 250 hours of flying.

Rashtriya Uran Academy conducts an entrance test to select students for the pilots training.