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Career as Physiotherapist

Career as Physiotherapist

Skills Required

  • Organized & Systematic
  • Precision
  • Planning & Coordination skills
  • Technical skill and knowledge
  • Patience & understanding attitude
  • Professionalism

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Physiotherapists are trained professionals working in health care. They are trained to restore mobility, alleviate pain and suffering and work to prevent permanent disability in patients. The job of a physical therapist is preventive, restorative and rehabilitative.


  • Test, measure and treat neurological, pulmonary, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular conditions caused due to illness, injury or congenital disorders
  • Treat healed fracture of bones, sprain, neurological disorders caused by trauma, infection, paralysis etc
  • Use therapeutic agents like heat, radiation, electricity, water, massage and exercise to cure weak muscles and restore joint movements
  • Treat muscular aberrations, such as caused in polio, cerebral palsy (damaged motor centers of the brain causing muscular non-coordination, speech disturbances) muscle, joint and bone injuries, chest and heart diseases, etc. in patients of all ages
  • Work for burn patients for the prevention of abnormal scarring and restricted movement
  • Work for reviving movement and developing operational independence in stroke patients
  • Work to improve endurance with cancer and cardiac patients
  • Give therapy for postural correction and physical improvement
  • Physical therapists specialize in cardiopulmonary, clinical electrophysiological, neurologic, pediatric, geriatric and sports physical therapy



₹ 74 Thousands to ₹ 5.83 Lakhs per annum
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Physiotherapists work in hospitals, orthopedic departments, rehabilitation centres for the handicapped, schools for the mentally retarded and physically disabled children. Opportunities for work in developed countries  has been known to be improving.


PATH 1 :  

Std XII Graduation Post Graduation Goal
Stream: Science: PCB BPT Degree MPT Degree Physiotherapist

PATH 2 :  

Std XII Diploma Degree Goal
Stream: Science
DPT BPT Physiotherapist

PATH 3 :  

Std XII Graduation Goal
Stream: Science
BPT Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy courses are designed to give the students a basic understanding of the human body based on medical sciences, training in understanding the procedures for therapy and the related skill training. The final phase of the course gives an on the job exposure to real clinical practice
Government of India has, however, also set up a Rehabilitation Council to train paramedical staff and to conduct related activities in rehabilitation

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