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Career as Interior Designer

Career as Interior Designer

Skills Required

  • Scientific aptitude
  • Ability to deal with technical details
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Drawing aptitude
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Colour sense
  • Ability to work in a given budget
  • Good communication skills
  • Analytical mind
  • Knowledge of trends
  • Visual sensitivity
  • Good communication skills
  • Visual sensitivity
  • Knowledge of textures, materials and trends
  • Drawing aptitude

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Interior designers work with architects to plan the layout of interiors for optimum utilisation of area, for creating spaces for functionality as well as utility. Interior decorators on the other hand plan colour schemes, furniture, furnishings, decorations and arrangements.


Interior designers

  • Plan interior spaces, ventilation, electrical circuits and installations, drainage and water supply, air-conditioning and heating systems etc. They work on the basis of technical knowledge of building and structures.
  • They prepare layout plans, elevations, perspectives and even prepare sample models, keep themselves updated about the latest materials and products available in the market for interiors.

Interior decorators

  • Give advice for the use of colour, textures, fabrics and decorative materials, light effects, layout and furniture in creating an attractive and functional interior.

Theatre and set designers

  • Work on the conventional stage decor and for sets of film and TV.
  • They work according to the director’s plan, e.g., for a play, musical show or even a news item. The aim is to make the design fit into the scene.
  • Briefs the carpenters, lighting technicians and set dressers and decorators.

Exhibition designers

  • Plans entire exhibition sites to design individual stands, display panels for creating an image within the exhibition itself.

Window display designers

  • Decorate shop window for enhancing marketing drive
  • Fashion shops often have spring, summer, autumn and winter collection on display
  • Innovates new ways of presentations



₹ 93 Thousand to ₹ 5.9 Lakhs per annum
(Salary data sourced from 

Interior designers

  • Architects, architectural firms
  • May specialise in designing interiors

Interior decorators work with

  • Interior designing firms
  • Freelance


PATH 1 :  

Std XII Diploma Goal
After Class X > CPT* & Std XII
Interior Decoration/ Design** Interior Designer

PATH 2 :  

Std XII Graduation / Postgraduation Professional Course  Goal
Stream: Any CEPT (Interior Design)* Interior Design Interior Designer

*There is an entrance test for School of Interior Design (SID) of Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology, Gujerat which offers a full time 5 years (10 Semesters) Professional Education Program
**Interior decoration courses are of 2-3 years duration. These are normally diploma courses conducted by vocational institutes and polytechnics.
The course covers subjects like Art and Basic Design, Furniture Design, Furnishings and Fittings, Construction and Materials, History of Interior Design, Services, Professional Management Display, Computer Aided Design etc. Other areas covered include lettering, properties of materials and paint technology, exhibition design and many others.

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