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Career as Biotechnologist

Career as Biotechnologist

Skills Required

  • Scientific temper
  • Perseverance
  • Urge to lead innovative research
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Hard work
  • Bright academic profile
  • Aptitude for continued learning

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A bundle of techniques applied to living cells is what we call Biotechnology. Biotechnologists engineer these living cells to produce a particular product of improved quality. Biotechnology is the exploitation of natural resources at the microbial and molecular level to produce a product of improved quality for the benefit of mankind. The work Bio technologists do is in a variety of sectors eg. agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medicine, environment etc.


  • Bio technologists largely work in laboratories to conduct scientific research.
  • The work biotechnologists do is in a variety of sectors eg. agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medicine, environment, chemical research, energy management, genetic engineering and industry.
  • The work of Bio technologists is interdisciplinary in nature which requires working together with scientific researchers from disciplines such as microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, chemistry, food science, agriculture and engineering with other inputs from managers, economists, politicians, policy makers, legislators etc.
  • In the field of agriculture modern biotechnologists conduct research for improving crop, livestock, forestry and fishery. Their work involves devising biotechnological techniques for increasing productivity, quality, efficient processing and utilization of products with lesser reliance on agro chemicals. The development of bio insecticides, bio-chemicals and tissue culture by bio technologists has almost revolutionized agriculture sciences.
  • Bio technologist’s work in research is related to medical and health care.
  • With the application of Biotechnology pharmaceutical research, development of new vaccines, and diagnostic procedures have evolved.
  • Environmental biotechnology is used for treatment of industrial waste to recycling of sewage and microbial processes using many analytical and diagnostic techniques.
  • Genetic improvement is an extensive area of work encompassing agriculture, animal and human genetics.


Some industries employing bio technologists are:

  • Bincon India Limited
  • Bivcol
  • Cadila
  • Hindustan Antibiotics
  • Hindustan Lever
  • IDPL
  • Indian Vaccines Corporation
  • Indo American Hybrid Seeds
  • Sun Pharma
  • Thapar Group

Medical Biotech industry include:

  • Bayer
  • Cadila
  • DuPont
  • Glaxowellcome
  • Monsanto
  • Novartis
  • Pfizer
  • Piramal
  • Ranbaxy
  • RPG Life Sciences
  • Torrent
  • Uniliver
  • Workhardt

The leading companies in the agriculture biotechnology include:

  • Dupont
  • EID Parry
  • Hindustan Lever
  • Hoechst Schering
  • Indo-American Hybrid
  • ITC Zeneca
  • Mahyco
  • National Laboratories and Institutes employ Bio technologists
  • National Organic Chemical Industries Ltd.
  • Pioneer Hibred
  • ProAgro
  • SPIC



₹ 1.29 Lakhs to ₹ 5.13 Lakhs per annum
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Most jobs in Biotechnology are research-based and most bio technologists are employed in research and development departments of institutions and industries involved in biotechnological work.  Bio technologists work extensively in the production departments of these industries. Generally Biotechnology students from engineering stream are given preference for production jobs. Some industries employ bio technologists in their marketing department to develop business in the sector where their product would be most required. Biotechnologists work in industries producing food, chemicals, bio-processed products etc.  They are employed in research establishments working in genetics, biochemistry and biochemical engineering and all areas where these processes are implied.Government labs employ research scientists. The private sector has openings in technical and managerial positions. In academics bio technologists find jobs in departments of marine bio tech, bio medicine, earth sciences, biomedical engineering, agricultural and environmental biotechnology etc.


PATH 1 :  

Std XII Graduation Post Graduation Goal
Stream: Science: PCM/B B.Sc Biotech/Biochem/
MSc Biotech Biotechnologist

PATH 2 :  

Std XII Graduation Post Graduation Goal
Stream: Science
Physical/ Life
MSc Biotech Biotechnologist

PATH 3 :  

Std XII Graduation Post Graduation Goal
Stream: Science
MBBS/ B.Pharma Biotechnology Biotechnologist

PATH 4 :  

Std XII Graduation Post Graduation Goal
Stream : Science
M.Sc Biotechnology Biotechnologist

PATH 5 :  

Std XII Graduation Post Graduation Goal
Stream: Science
Leather Tech/B.Phar
M.Tech Biotechnology Biotechnologist

PATH 6 :  

Std XII Entrance Exam Graduation Goal
XII PCM IIT JEE 5 year Integrated Biotech course Biotechnologist

An interdisciplinary subject, biotechnology encompasses a wide variety of spheres, hence students from a wide range of academic backgrounds can do postgraduate studies in this specialized field.

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